"One of the most interesting composing languages was the language of the electro-soloist Rafal Zalech presented in the VIOLE [nce] + Voice. In this discreet, uncertain composition he seems being fascinated more by subtile details than the powerful effects pre-produced in the studio. Zalech also impressed with his technique and stage experience."

Szymon Atys for Glissando Magazine (19.06.2017)

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Violist / Composer / Inventor, based in Vienna (Austria)

.Co-founder of NIMIKRY - an contemporary-pop duo focusing on newest music-technologies.

.Author of Stringscope - a new ultra precise pitch estimation sensor for stringed instruments.

.Concert activity with most renowned contemporary music ensembles i.e. Klangforum Wien / Black Page Orchestra / Scenatet Copenhagen to name a few; solo performances as well as chamber music at the festivals all over Europe Huddersfield Festival, Firenze Suona Contemporanea, New Directions Festival, 8 Brücken Cologne, März Musik Berlin, Wien Modern, Warsaw Autumn etc.)

.Author of RZ.library  a Max/Msp abstraction package dedicated for a live sound processing of the Augmented String Instruments.

.Studied viola & electroacoustic composition at the Music University in Vienna, Austria, and chamber music (a scholarship exchange) at the Yale University (USA)