Viola (+)

Rafal Zalech in his performances puts a strong focus towards new media. His main repertoire is based on pieces written for him (and his augmented viola). Most of the music performed by Zalech uses computer-based live processing, some pieces require a special sound spatialisation (8 or more speakers).

Viola (-)

He performs also modern-classic works from i.e.   G. Grisey - Prologue from LEA, L. Berio - Sequenza, G. Scielsi - Manto / Tre Tempi, G.F. Haas - aus freien Lust, verbunden, S. Sciarrino - Tre Notturni Brillanti


Live improvised sets - viola+electronics based on live-sampling sequences, synthesised acoustic sounds and strong/broken rhythmic patterns. 

Classic meets Hi-Tech

Custom made Digital Fingerboard

The viola is equipped with a fully digitalised fingerboard operated through Arduino, which transmits the data about the fingered pitches to Max MSP. The data accuracy is very high (4096 steps), which allows extreme precision and high sound quality. The fingered pitches can be assigned through Max MSP to any parameter, each string independently. Even the amplitude can be exactly mapped.

The signal of the pickup microphone controls the dynamics of the sound, so that the latter accurately resembles the playing experience on the acoustic instrument.

This, together with the high accurate 12bit AD fingerboard, ensures a vivid sound as well as an enormous amount of data that can be assigned to any live processing. Vibrato and microtonal deviations can be precisely mapped. The 4 strings allow to have 4 different voices each of which can be assigned to different sounds (or even control processing).

This completely opens up new possibilities in playing the viola. It can e.g. be used as a multi-ribbon controller played with both hands or when connected to an analog synth it can control any cv/gate module.

Max/Msp Package


This max/msp library is a selection of over 50 Objects/Effects useful for Live Electronics (but not only!) including Synths/Granulators, Advanced Loopers, Samplers, Harmonizer/Arpeggiator, Microtonal Keyboard-interface etc.... and it's free!

Requirements: Max/Msp ver. 5 or higher, Mac os X, sound card 

Download the latest version of rz.library here:   (Universal Binary, Mac OS)


Contemporary Pop

Using classical instruments and reinventing them with the use of technology is the key element of this dynamic band. Nimikry is not just a duo but a playground for innovative music creation. It’s musical aesthetic goes beyond the border of contemporary art and discovers new fields such as experimental electronics, noise-pop, classical remix and improvisation. The distinctive element connecting all these genres into one musical project is the innovative instrumentarium. 

Many Faces

Nimikry presents multifaceted performances. It’s musical project involves different disciplines and combines them in a new format: from concert to performance, from generative environment to sound sculptures, from live-set to artistic remix.